Interior and Exterior Minimalist House

Investasi House is arguably the main target for the majority of people who are already working or recently married. Apart from the question of the size of the House is large or small, comfortable home concept both from the interior or exterior are things that can not be separated. From the design side eskterior a few things so considerations for example, roof paint, fencing, page setup page or garage to store cars. While the interior of the side, in addition to the spatial selection of furnishings, decor in any room as well so an important consideration was prepared before inhabiting the House. The perfunctory preparation will lead to an atmosphere of the House does not feel comfortable or even spend the money because it had to replace the furniture that is not appropriate or necessary.

interior and exterior minimalist house

For this year, the concept of the modern House is not only seen from the use of the furniture are modern or sophisticated electronic tools are used ranging from yard, living room to the kitchen. Structuring the modern house in the House for example with the use of LED lights. In addition to more light and attractive models, the use of LED lights are also more electrical load of household saving. Other electronic equipment also could bolster the efficiency of space. For example, a flat-screen television that LED not to spend the space. You could put this television with menempelnya on the wall so that the rest of the place in the family room can be used to put other furniture. The concept of the family room is also not sitting you can apply in your home. For luxurious and elegant impression, you can roll out the rug that has an exclusive and motives similar to the color of the wall or mounted ornaments.

The concept of the modern House, which could also be applied in the kitchen with cookware and kitchen set which is not spent where. Cabinet design kitchen set is mounted on the wall with a unique design and model can you message specifically to the craftsmen so as not to have an impression of the market or the same with others. Color natural wood colors like green or futuristic, you may choose to create an atmosphere of elegant kitchen. That is not less important to note is the arrangement of bathroom and toilet in the House. Use the special sizes of cabinets according to toiletries are not spilling and smearing the shower. A simple decoration between the bathtub/shower/bathtub and wall colors don't get too complicated. Enough with the similar colors only.

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