Creating Beautiful Terrace for Minimalist House

Designing minimalist terrace House did not work easy. Because the front part of the House shall have aesthetic value (beauty) which can be enjoyed by home owners or guests who are visiting. In addition, the terrace would have to support the concept of a minimalist home that you select as a whole.

minimalist house terrace
minimalist house terrace

To get around this, You surely must be wisely looking for other references. At least there are some important things that you should consider when building a minimalist terrace House.

1. Power pole terrace

When you decide to add a pole at the terrace, you already must take into account the power pole that was built. Because these poles later should support the load from the terrace building. The cross poles built in a minimalist home, certainly also more detailed calculations to be made.

2. Design the mast terrace

To strengthen the design of your home, choose Design minimalist terrace House pole which is capable of supporting its beauty. Generally, a square-shaped terrace design will increasingly strengthen minimalist impression from outside the room of your House. Course design of this pillar must also be with the color that you will pour in your home.

3. Material terrace

The next step is to look for material terrace home. The concept of minimalist homes generally use cement to build the pillars of the House. But don't worry, you can get creative with wood or iron. One thing is for sure, you should still take into account the concept of the House as a whole to decide this.

4. Selection of ceramics

A little different from the section in the House, basically terrace is the direct contact with the weather. Therefore, try to choose a ceramic tile is not so slick. So that when it rained, the floor is not slippery when dipijak anyway. Select a flooring material is also not broken when it should be berpaparan with the Sun directly. Because the floor will be exposed to sunlight each day. Select also the ceramic design is not so crowded and so does not interfere with the view.

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